Pastoral TeamOur Pastoral Team

The pastoral leadership of our assembly rests in the hands of a team of men who have qualified for this work by their proven character, gifts, and experience. The primary focus of their work is prayer and the ministry of the Word (Acts 6:3-4). They are responsible for overseeing the assembly, which includes providing the people with teaching, pastoral care, guidance, modeling, protection, and prayer for the sick (Acts 20:28; 1 Peter 5:1-3; James 5:14). The members of this team work together to provide high-quality pastoral leadership to all the people of this assembly.

The following men are currently serving on our pastoral team:

Steve Epler (717-713-9104), Jamie Hulsey (717-448-4260), and David Huston (717-580-0189).

In the Bible, the men who served in this capacity are referred to as elders, bishops, overseers, and/or pastor-teachers (see Acts 14:23; Ephesians 4:11; Titus 1:5-7; Philippians 1:1). We should not think of these as different ministries, since in the Bible, all four of these terms refer to the same ministry of leadership in a local assembly. We call our leaders pastors, but we do not use this word as a title. Since our church is a spiritual family, we think of ourselves as brothers and sisters in the Lord. For this reason we call our leaders Bro. Jamie, Bro. Dave, and Bro. Steve. These men are available to you for prayer, to answer questions, or to provide spiritual guidance. Please feel free to speak to any one of them.

Our Ministry Team

In the Bible, the word ministry is a general term meaning “acts of service.” The men who serve on our ministry team have shown their sincere interest in serving this assembly in a variety of ways and have been appointed in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:8-13. The primary focus of the ministry team is maintaining the unity of the believers and guarding the time of the pastoral team so they can stay focused on prayer and the Word. To accomplish this, our team takes on a wide range of projects and activities, including providing transportation, helping people with various needs, and caring for the assembly’s property. Current team members are:

Brian Schrift (717-243-9837)

Our Women’s Ministry Team

This team assists the pastors by providing mature guidance and ministry to the women of the assembly and preserving unity in the body by providing on-going acts of service. Current team members are:

Rena Hulsey, Barbara Huston, Tara Salisbury, Michelle Schrift, and Jamie Zeigler

Our Projects Team

This team works alongside the Pastoral and Ministry Teams in keeping the assembly’s buildings, grounds, and equipment in good order and appearance, and providing support services for various assembly events. Current team members are:

John Bennetch, Nate Horne, Carl Koser, and Wes Salisbury


Church Secretary: Michelle Schrift (church office 717-258-5984; home 717-243-9837).

Children’s Ministry: During our Sunday morning service at 10:30, we offer nursery care for infants and toddlers plus Noah’s Little Ark for children 3-5; Kids Power Hour for young people 5-12. Contact Steve or Karen Epler at 218-5792.

Young Adults Ministry: We consider everyone 13 to 30 to be a young adult until they are married. Our young adults are involved in a variety activities including special Friday evening meetings and social activities. Contact Wes or Tara Salisbury at 462-1378.

Home Friendship Groups: These meetings consist of 8 to 12 adults (plus children) and take place each week on Sunday afternoons. They are a time for eating, sharing, teaching, praying, and worshiping together. For information of a group you could join, contact Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Christian Education: A variety of practical teachings and inspirational preachings every Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm. Contact Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Community Service: We are involved in a variety of community service projects. Contact Brian or Michelle Schrift 243-9837.

Celebrate Recovery: This group meets as needed to help men and women with addiction problems and other severe struggles to overcome and recover. Call Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Ride to Services: We offer free rides to our meetings for those without transportation. To make arrangements call Mike Salisbury at 243-0824 or the church office at 258-5984.

Puppet Ministry: Our puppeteers perform for our children’s ministry and throughout the area at various community events. Call Karen Epler at 218-5792.

Silent Witness: Some of our young adults minister in dramatized sign language set to powerful Christian music. They are available for ministry outside our local assembly. Call Taylor Hulsey at 713-8564 .

Singles Ministry: Our single adults meet periodically for a time of strengthening and fellowship. Contact Barbara Huston at 249-2059.

Women of Faith: Our ladies meet at the CCF building on the fourth Thursday of the month for prayer and teaching. Contact Rena Hulsey at 713-8685.

Social Activities: We have many organized social activities over the course of each year including family picnics, day-trips, bowling, and movie nights. Contact Michelle Schrift at 243-9837 or Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Seminars and Retreats: Each year we have a Married Couples Getaway, a Ladies Retreat, and a Men’s Advance. We also host seminars on various topics of interest. Contact Michelle Schrift at 243-9837 or Dave Huston at 249-2059.

One-On-One Bible Study: We offer personalized Bible studies for anyone wanting to learn more about the Word of God. These can be done in your home, at the church building, or at any other convenient location. Contact Steve Epler at 218-5792.

Men’s Fraternity: Our men meet  at the CCF building on the fourth Thursday of the month. Contact Steve Epler at 218-5792.

Family Devotions: Our dads, moms, and children meet in their homes for ministry on a regular basis. Singles are invited to participate with families. Contact Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Pastoral Care and Ministry Development: Our pastors are available for questions, consultation, or to hear suggestions. They meet regularly to discuss matters that concern the assembly. They are also involved in equipping the people of the assembly for leadership and service in the body of Christ. Contact any one of our pastors.

New Life Classes: This series of lessons is designed to help new believers get firmly established in their walk with the Lord. Contact Dave Huston at 249-2059.

World Missions: We provide regular financial support to missionaries all over the world. We also sponsor missions trips and from time to time have visiting missionaries in our meetings. Contact Dave Huston at 249-2059.

Our leaders do not consider themselves to be in a class above the other members of the assembly but rather laborers among the people. They take to heart the words of the Lord Jesus, who said that leaders are not to “lord it over” people but are to be a “servant to all” (Mark 10:41-45). This does not mean we believe in weak or ineffective leadership, only that we do not believe in harsh or domineering leadership. We feel that all leaders should follow the example of Jesus, who described Himself as the “good shepherd who lays down His life for the sheep” (John 10:11).