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10 reasons why you should become part of CCF?
1. Because we will accept you and love you just as you are.2. Because everyone needs to be part of a close-knit church family.3. Because we will help you to connect with God.4. Because we will care enough about you to tell you the truth.5. Because we will help you to learn the Bible and grow spiritually.6. Because we will equip you and give you opportunities to be involved in the work of God.7. Because we love children and are committed to strengthening families.8. Because we will prepare you to receive everlasting life.9. Because everyone needs to be part of something bigger than themselves.10. Because we believe that you have a deep longing to be part of something that is alive, that is spiritual,              and that is REAL!Be our guest as we gather for worship every Sunday morning at 10:30. Or if you would like to speak to someone right now, call our church office or one of our pastors. See the Contact Us tab.

May the Lord Jesus bless your day!